We heartily invite for breakfast
in a place rich in artistic tradition.
Aniela Zagórska regularly hosted in Konstantynówka
such renown guests as her cousin, Joseph Conrad, Witkacy, Marshall Józef Piłsudski,
writer Stefan Żeromski,
or painter Tymon Niesiołowski.
The latter even built his own studio in the villa.
The hostess, a resident of Zakopane by choice, envisaged an ample place full of light
and regional accents.
A place as fit for outright leisure as for intense work.
We wish to uphold the tradition of this place.
May the tender spirit of Aniela Zagórska
be with us from the first sip of coffee 🙂

Each set is served with either coffee, tea, hot coca
orange or apple juice

planted eggs/bread/butter
scrambled eggs/bread/butter
scrambled eggs on ham or bacon/bread/butter
Eggs Benedict/bread/butter
Eggs Vienna/bread/butter
croque madame (baked toast with mozzarella, ham and a planted egg)
soft eggs/bread/butter
omelette with vegetables
omelette with jam
Challah with butter and jam
oatmeal with seasonal fruit
pancakes with cottage cheese and peach
Each set: 16 PLN
Eggs in our breakfasts come from happy, free range hens 🙂